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It's in the upper part of Mt.Mortar, northeast of the supernerd.

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Q: Where is aerial ace in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where do you find the TM aerial ace in soul silver?

TM40- Aerial Ace can be found in Mt Mortar. You can also buy this TM at the Battle Frontier for 40BP.

Where to get aerial ace in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get Aerial Ace by buying it at the Battle Frontier.

Can you buy Aerial Ace in Pokemon emerald?

No, Aerial Ace is not a purchasable TM in Pokemon Emerald. You can obtain it by defeating Winona.

Where do you find aerial ace in Pokemon emerald?

You get aerial ace when you defeat Winona the gym leader in Fortree city.

How do you get to hearthome city in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to be in Sinnoh which is Diamond, Pearl, and Platnumn. (sorry dude or dudette.) Pokemon Ace Trainers Ace Trainer Joshua

Is aerial ace a good move?

at sometimes yes it depends on what type of Pokemon you teach it to and what Pokemon you use it on since aerial ace is a flying type move you should teach it to a strong and fast flying type Pokemon

Where do you find the TM Aerial ace in Pokemon Diamond?

It is on route 213

Can Lugia Use Aerial Ace?

Yes. Lugia can use aerial ace but only through a TM. Aerial ace is not learnt by levelling up.

Where is aerial ace in Pokemon White?

in he city with the flying gym at the bottom of the air port runay

What type of Pokemon does the 6 gym leader have in Pokemon emerald?

She has the Sky-dancing "Flying Types" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Swablu- Lv. 29- Perish Song, Mirror Move, Safeguard, Aerial Ace 2. Tropius- Lv. 29- Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Aerial Ace 3. Pelipper- Lv. 30- Water Gun, Supersonic, Protect, Aerial Ace 4. Skarmory- Lv. 31- Fury Attack, Sand Attack, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace [Oran Berry] 5. Altaria- Lv. 33- Dragonbreath, Aerial Ace, Dragon Dance, Earthquake [Sitrus Berry]

How do you get TM 40 in Pokemon Black version?

You can find TM40 Aerial Ace in the Fukiyose City Runway.

Where is TM aerial ace in Pokemon ruby?

when you defeat the fortree city gym leader, she will give it 2 u!