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well go to hearthome city and meet bebe and she will give you an eveee and level it up in the entera foerest and you will have and leafeon

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Q: Where is a trainer with leafeon in platinum?
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Which trainer in Pokemon platinum has leafeon?

Gardenia has one.

What trainer has a leafeon Pokemon Platinum?

there is a trainer, a double team in fact on route 212 there are two ace trainers one of them uses a leafeon. Hope i helped

What trainer has a leafeon in platinum?

on the route between hearthome and pastoria city youll have a doubl battle with two rangers and one of them will have a leafeon

What trainer has a has a leafeon?

I have a lv 100 leafeon

Who has leafeon?

On Route 212 there is a trainer who has it.

Which trainer has a leafeon on platinum?

I am not sure which trainer has a leafeon, but if you need one on your pokedex get an eevee from bebe in hearthome (house next to Pokemon Center) and level it up next to the mossy rock in eterna forest. Another way to get eevee's is to talk to the guy in the Pokemon mansion south of hearthome and if he says there is an eevee in there then go get it.

What Pokémon is 169 in Pokémon Platinum?

Pokémon Number 169 is Leafeon. A trainer by the name of Allison has 1 and she is located on the south side of Route 212.

In Pokemon Platinum what trainer has a leafeon?

gardenia has a leafeon.She catch leafeon a new form from eevee.Eevee new evolutions it's leafeon.leafeon using spore,leaf blade,razor leaf,earthquake,magical leaf,leaf drain.

Can you change a leafeon into a Glaceon in Pokemon platinum?


Who comes after leafeon in the pokedex on platinum?


Where to find a trainer with a leafeon in Pokemon platinum?

im pretty sure that you'll find one somewhere at route 212 and if not then keep fighting every trainer you see until you find one. happy to help! or hth for short.

Where do you find a trainer who has leafeon in Pokemon platinum?

easy on the rainy route, there are two trainers they will ask for a double battle and wham there you go. if not evolve eevee at the rock in eterna forest