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The trainer who has a swinub is in Snowpoints Gym. You can also run into a wild one right outside of the city. There is also a skiier on route 216 ( Outside Mt. Coronet ) who has one at level 36.

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Q: Where is a trainer that has a swinub in Pokemon platinum?
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Which is number 206 in the Sinnoh pokedex for Pokemon platinum?


Which Pokemon is number 203 in the Sinnoh pokedex for Pokemon Platinum?

Swinub is #203 in the Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Platinum.

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

What trainer has kingdra in Pokemon Platinum?

no one no trainer has a kingdra in Pokemon platinum exept for me :P

Where can you find swinub in Pokemon platinum?

In Acuity Lakefront and maybe route 217.

In Pokemon platinum where is swinub?

you go to snowpoint city then go find the nearest tall grass. it may take a while but there's swinub

How do you evolve swinub in Pokemon Platinum?

swinub evolves into piloswine at Level 33 and then it evolves into mamoswine when it gains a level after learning ancient power

What trainer has a cleffa in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.

Where is Pokemon 203 in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon 203 is swinub. It is around snowpoint city, acuity lakefront, and route 217.

Where do you see Pokemon 203 in platinum?

That is a Swinub, you can found it at Route 217, Acuity Lakefront..

Where do you find swinub in Pokemon platinum?

On Route 217 and by Acuity Lakefront (by Snowpoint City).

How do you get a swinub in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant get swinub in pokemon emerald. you could only get swinub in pokemon gold and silver in the ice path, and pokemon leafgreen and firered in the icefall cave, and pokemons diamond and pearl in route 217, and pokemon platinum in acuity lakefront and route 217, and pokemon heartgold and soulsilver in ice path.