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First you need to go to this computer looking thing(not a PC) press the A button on that.Next press A on a square keep going right until you thind a square that says dessert keep doing it on the rest 5 squares.(the grounds shake) so bascily pay the money use your running shoes in the tall grass until you find sandshrew.

P.S. Sandshrew envolves in the 20s

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Q: Where is a sandshrew in safari zone?
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Does the sandshrew you show to boaba have to be from the safari zone?

Yes, the Sandshrew has to be from the Safari Zone.

What is baoba's second challenge in Pokemon soul silver?

Catch a Sandshrew using the Area Customizer. Put the desert in the front and you can catch Sandshrew. You can ONLY catch Sandshrew from the Safari Zone. You cannot catch it from another route and show him. Only from the Safari Zone

How do you get objects for the safari zone?

i dont know how but i got items when i met boaba and show him a sandshrew he'll give you items to use in the safari zone.

What is the second test for the owners test in soulsilver?

give sandshrew from the safari zone to baboa

How do you get sandshrew in safari zone if you don't have desert area?

the grass also holds sandshrews.

Where do you go to get a sandshrew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

easiest place is in the safari zone. its where i got mine

Where abouts in the safari zone on soulsilver can you catch sandshrew?

you have too get to the second test of owning a safari zone and then change one square to desert and just run around.

How do you place items in the safari zone in heart gold?

complete baobas second task by getting a sandshrew in the desert. then when he tells you about object placement, go into the safari zone and press a in an open area.

How do you get a aron in soulsilver in the safari zone?

you have to meet boaba in the safari zone wait 3hours [game wise]then come back put it on desert and catch sandshrew then change it to rocky beach and find aron.

Pokemon soul silver how to get a sandshrew in the safari zone?

You must go to the Desert area and you will find a Sandshrew, Sandslash, Cubone or Marowak in the morning and day, and a Sandshrew, Sandslash, or Fearow at night. Sandshrew will be level 15, 16, or 17, and he evolves into Sandslash at Level 22.

Were do you catch sandshrew at the safari zone on soulsiver?

use the area customizer to put in a desert area then walk through grass. you will find a onix, cubone, sandshrew, or sandslash. then bring it back to baoba.

Where is sandshrew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can capture a sandshrew in soul silver at the safari park as the second test to OWN the safari park