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Hoothoots can be found on Routes 210 and 211, which are to the left and right of Celestic Town. how about the other games?!!!!!!

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Q: Where is a hoothoot in Pokemon diamond?
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What Pokemon can only be caught in the night in Pokemon diamond?

noctowl and hoothoot

What Pokemon comes out at night in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, I would say it is easy to find a Noctowl or Hoothoot after it becomes dark.

What does noctowl evolve into in Pokemon diamond?

It does not evolve, but it is evolved from hoothoot at lvl 20

Where to find hoot hoot in white?

You can't Get HootHoot in Pokemon White Or Black you Just Have to use the Poketransfer and you have to send your hoothoot from your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver if you have in there

What is a hoothoot in Pokemon Emerald?

Hoothoot is a Pokemon that looks like an owl from the johto.

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Pidgey or hoothoot?

The hoothoot is better

How do you get hypnosis on Pokemon diamond?

Many Pokemon have hypnosis in diamond. For examples noctowl, skitty, jigglypuff, hoothoot, haunters, they all learn hypnosis at different levels. -Poliwags -lvl 7 -drowzee- already knows it -ghastly- already knows it -hoothoot-lvl 16 -Smeargle- sketch from another Pokemon -Smoochum- sweet kiss lvl 9- same thing as hypnosis

Does Noctowl evolve on Pokemon Diamond version?

Noctowl does not evolve, although Hoothoot evolves intoNoctowl at level 20. Noctowl is the final stage.

When does hoothoot evolve o Pokemon Crystal?

hoothoot evolves into noctowl at level 20

What does hoothoot evolve into in Pokemon?


Is there hoothoot in Pokemon pearl?

no, sorry

I went to route 210 211 in Pokemon diamond you have to go there at night to catch a hoothoot?

no i dont think you can catch him there, even at night. if you want hoothoot or noctowl, you can go into the safari zone or migrate it from a game you already caught it. hope it helped!