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you can get cubone by get the silph scope by going into the gmaing center in saffron city and going into team rocket's hidout which is discovered by inspecting the poster gaurded by a team rocket member. once you get into their lair battle every1 until 1 drops a pokeball. pick it up and it should be the lift key. use the elevator to get to the b4 floor and beat every1 including the boss. when u beat him u will get the silph scope and go back to the tower and every what used to be a ghost is now a cubone. when u get to the second-to-last floor and fight marawak don't try to catch it. i tried and it wont let u.......hope this helps!

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Q: Where is a Cubone in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Were do you find Cubone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Seven island.

What route on Pokemon LeafGreen is Cubone on?

In Pokemon Tower in Lavender town

Where can you find Cubone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in Pokemon tower btw i LOVE Pokemon

Where do you find Cubone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You find in the ghost building.(sorry im not specific.)

How do you get cubone in ruby and emerald?

In both games you'll have to trade a Cubone from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Whereis it that you find cubone in leafgreen?

you can buy a cubone in the shop when you get enough money in the gambling place

When does cubone evolve in Pokemon Gold?

Cubone evolves into Marowak at level 28 in all Pokemon games.

Where is cubone in Pokemon Green?

You can get Cubone by catch it in Pokemon Tower (The place fill with a lot of ghost pokemon_)

How do you be Cubone at the beginning of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you have to get a lonely type to get cubone.

What Pokemon is 104 in Pokemon Diamond?


Where do you get cubone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Cubone can be found in the Pokemon Tower (aka Lavender Tower) in Lavender Town. There is a 5%-14% of finding a cubone depending on which floor you are on. 24 is the highest level that you will find them. In the Japanese version of Pokemon blue, cubone can only be obtained through trading.

What level does Cubone evolve in Pokemon Soul Silver?

get cubone to level 28