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Q: Where is Tim's house on sims agents?
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Where is Michelle on your sims agents?

If you are talking about My Sims agents DS then she is in the east village and here house is opposite the Tailor's.

What do you do with home plans in your sims agents?

you give them to Ashley her house is next to yours

Where do you find Joseph on my sims agents?

you find him in your house as soon as you go and touch the bookcase.

Were is the map on your sims agents?

under the rock next to the house that's next to ginos

How do you get the map on my sims agents ds?

It is under a rock next to the empty house in Station Plaza.

Where chaz in your sims agents?

Chaz is at the beach during the day, and in his house at the beach during night.

Where are two animal statues on sims agents?

there in the station plaza areia in the left corner in between Martains house and the empty house

How do you create a house in my sims agents?

only way is cheat codes type LET ME BUILD OR FASTER WAY BIG HOUSE

What is the answer for the riddle on My Sims Agents DS?

go to the boxes by martins house then go to the rock next to them then press a

Where is the empty house in station plaza with treasure map on the ds game sims agents?

The map is not in an empty house it is in the waterfall in Crystal River

What is the answer to Hopkins riddle in your sims agents?

Actually, you have to go outside of Martin's House then click on the rock that is across the boxes outside of Martin's house

How do you sleepwalk on my sims agents?

its a glitch.fall asleep on a couch/chair in your house then click y (2 decorate ur house) get out and youll sleepwalk