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Stormy Beach is a location on the Pokewalker that is very hard and takes a very long time to unlock.

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Q: Where is Stormy Beach in SoulSilver?
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Where can you find a heart scale in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, you can find Heart Scales in Route 32 and Vermilion City with the Dowsing Machine and you'll also find them in Violet City, Cianwood City, Dark Cave, Route 19, Vermilion City, Rock Tunnel and the Victory Road. You can also find it in the Beautiful Beach, Warm Beach, Stormy Beach and Quiet Cave Routes with the Pokéwalker device. For the Beautiful Beach, you need at least 2,000 steps before you're able to find 1 in that route, for the Warm Beach, you need at least 3,000 steps, for the Stormy Beach you need at least 800 steps and for the Quiet Cave, you need at least 2,500 steps.

What are stormy beaches?

A beach that is being, or is always occupied by storms

Where do you find heart scales in Soulsilver?

You can find them in many ways , for example : - Use Pokemon with Pick Up abbility - Catch wild Luvidisc(50% chance) Route 27(Swarm) - Use Dowsing MCHN -Pokewalker Dowsing MCHN: Quiet Cave, Beautiful Beach, Warm Beach, Stormy Beach If you want more visit "" or ""

Can you get Finneon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get Finneon on the Pokewalker. You must have unlocked Stormy Beach (65,000 watts). In Stormy Beach, you must have walked 4,000+ steps. When you have done that, you have a chance to catch a Finneon. You may also try trading one.

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What to do to get to cianwood in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you need to use surf near the city with the beach

Where to battle finnean in Pokemon HeartGold?

It is on the Stormy Beach Route from the Pokewalker. You'll need 65,000 Watts and the National Dex to unlock it.

Where can you catch lumineon on poke'mon heartgold version?

trade from another gameORevolve finneon (finneon can be found on the stormy beach route of the pokewalker)

Where can you find a Corphish in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Go to the rocky beach area and use the super rod.

Dive ball SoulSilver?

You can only get it from the PokeWalker (Beautiful Beach with 5000+ steps or Blue Lake with 3500+ steps).

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The noun form for the adjective stormy is storminess.

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