Where is Pokemon breeder kahlil?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kahlil is on route 210. He is a male, not a female, so don't look for a girl Sprite like I did:)

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Q: Where is Pokemon breeder kahlil?
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Where is the hiker that will give you happiny?

The hiker (in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) to find a Happiny will be on Route 210, South Pokemon with Breeder Kahlil.

Where can you find Pokemon 99 in platinum?

Pokemon 99 is happiny and you can either get it by making chansey hold a luck incense and breeding it with a ditto or see it at route 210 South -Pokemon Breeder Kahlil has one.

How do you find 96 in the pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

96 would be Happiny. A trainer on the south side of Route 210 has 1 - the trainer's name is Pokémon Breeder Kahlil.

What does the future hold for Brock from Pokemon?

brock will be a very good Pokemon breeder and he will still help ash in his journey there is more to it trust me i know Brock Is Destined To Be A Pokemon Breeder ( The Best Pokemon Breeder)

Where do you battle a happiny in Pokemon platinum?

Under and above Solaceon Town you can find them, but they are rare. Also with a bike go up the left slope above Solaceon town past the cowboy man. Youll see two twin girls. Go above them and you will see PKMN Breeder Kahlil. He has a Happiny LV. 23. (Happiny is his 2nd Pokemon)

Where is the Pokemon breeder in Pokemon Platinum?

Solaceon town if you mean the Pokemon daycare

Which trainer has an elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

the Pokemon breeder in route 210

What is the birth name of Kahlil Ashanti?

Kahlil Ashanti's birth name is Kahlil Ashanti Abubakar.

Are there any trainers with a elekid in Pokemon platinum?

"Well, when a mommy Electabuzz and a Daddy Electabuzz love each other very much sometimes they get a motel and get the hanky panky on" On route 222 you'll find Electabuzz get a male and a female and send em to the daycare

What is Kahlil Bell's full name?

Kahlil Bell

What nicknames does Kahlil Fadel go by?

Kahlil Fadel goes by Chill.

Where is the Pokemon breeder in HeartGold?

daycare below goldenrod city