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  • Bandit camp mining site - 22 rocks
  • Dwarven Mine Resource Dungeon - 6 rocks
  • Mining Guild - 5 rocks
  • West Lumbridge Swamp mining site - 5 rocks
  • Al Kharid mining site - 3 rocks
  • Dwarven Mine - 2 rocks
  • Edgeville Dungeon mine - 1 rock
  • North Crandor mining site - 1 rock
  • South West Crandor mining site - 7 rocks


  • Desert Mining Camp underground mine - 5 rocks
  • Evil Chicken's Lair - 2 rocks
  • Fight Arena mining site - 3 rocks
  • Grand Tree mine - 4 rocks
  • Heroes' Guild mine - 2 rocks
  • Jatizso mine - 15 rocks
  • Port Khazard - 2 rocks
  • TzHaar mine - 3 rocks
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Q: Where is Mithril Ore found in RuneScape?
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How much is mithril ore in RuneScape?

Mithril Ore is currently 488gp ( Market Price ) in the Grand Exchange.

Where can you find full mith for free in runescape?

You don't. However, you can make mithril items with the smithing skill. You make them from mithril bars, which you can make yourself from mithril ore and coal, which you can get with the mining skill.

Where do you find mithril in gates of andaron?

this is not runescape. Mithril is only on runescape.=/

Where are metal dragons on RuneScape?

All except for Mithril can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon. Mithril Dragons can be found on the second level of the Ancient Cavern.

What level are mithril dragons on RuneScape?

Mithril Dragon's are level 304, and are not to be taken lightly.

What ores do you need to make an iron bar in runescape?

Only iron ore. Higher-level bars (steel, mithril, etc.) require the ore of the same name, and some coal (the higher the level of the bar, the more coal you need).

How much is a mithril bar in runescape?

from grand exchange ~1.6k

What can you do with coal in RuneScape?

It can be very useful for quests (especially for p2p)BUT...You can also use it to smelt bars and make strong armor. It is also very good to sell them at Grand Exchange (G.E) and you can mine them to train on your mining skills. Important InfoYou must have lvl 30 mining to be able to mine coalIn the case of smelting, to create a mithril bar you need one mithril ore and 4 coals; for an adamant bar you need one adamantite ore and 6 coals; and to create a runite bar, you need one runite ore and 8 coals.

How much mithril ore is there in the mining guild in runescape?

I believe there is around about 4 rocks I haven't been there for a while.

How long does it take until mithril spawn in runescape?

After being mined, a mithril rock takes an average of 3 minutes to respawn.

Ore pricing in runescape?

Tin - 35 gp Copper - 70 gp Iron - 102 gp Coal - 174 gp Mithril -224 gp Adamantite - 1,039 gp Runite - 15,700 gp

How do you meke iron bars on runescape?

you have to find iron ore in caves underground and occasionally on the surface, then get a furnace and smelt it. you will need wood or coal to power the furnace and 8 cobblestone to make the furnace