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Dodgy Deals is located on Sludge Street in Monstro City on Moshi Monsters.

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Q: Where is Dodgy Deals in Monstro City on Moshi Monsters?
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Is there a way to sell stuff on Moshi Monsters but not in Dodgy Deals?

No. The only way to sell items on Moshi Monsters is at Dodgy Deals.

Where is Dodgy Dealz in Moshi Monsters?

Go on the map of Monstro City on Moshi Monsters and go to Sludge Street. Go to the corner and there you will find Dodgy Dealz.

How do you exchange on Moshi Monsters?

To exchange anything on moshi Monsters, you go to Dodgy Deals which is located on Sludge Street.

On moshi monsters what shop does sly chance work at?

dodgy deals

How do you get rid of items on Moshi Monsters?

go to dodgy deals on sludge street you could get your rox* back *rox = money on moshi monsters

Can you sell friends at dodgy deals in moshi monsters?

no you can only sell funiture and colthes

Where is the glove on moshi monsters?

The glove in Super Moshi Mission 10 is found behind the rock next to Dodgy Dealz. The glove then goes to other places across Monstro City.

How do you sell items in Moshi Monsters?

Go to dodgy deals on Sludge street it the last place to the Right

How do you get 100 percent at Dodgy Deals on Moshi Monsters?

Dodgy Deals is a game of luck to sell your unwanted items. There is no guaranteed way to ensure that you receive the full price for your item(s).

Where do you sell things on moshi monsters apart from dodgy dealers?

The only place to sell items on Moshi Monsters is at Dodgy Dealz.

Who has a Moshi Monsters account?

There are over 20 million Moshi Monsters in Monstro City.

How do you sell on moshi monsters?

Go to Sludge Street and scroll to the far left. Go into Dodgy Deals, you can sell stuff there.