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well, it isn't in any cirtin place, but in diamond you can catch one in the route next to canalave city. you can catch it at any time, but i caught mine during the day.

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Q: Where is Ditto in the trophy garden?
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Where can you find a ditto in Pokemon platinum other than the trophy garden?

You can't catch ditto anywhere but the trophy garden. You could migrate it, though. That's what I did.

Where is Ditto in Pokemon platnium?

canalave city or the trophy garden.

Is there Ditto on route 218 in platinum?

no,ditto is not in route 218 in Pokemon platinum it is in the trophy garden

How can you get a Ditto without a national dex in Pokemon platinum?

Ditto in platinum appears in the trophy garden. If you save before you talk to the owner of the trophy garden, you can talk to him. if he does not say he saw a ditto then restart the game and reapet it until you do. Hope this helps!!!

Where can you catch a Ditto on Pokemon platinum?

Trophy Garden on select days

Were to find Ditto besides the trophy garden?

You don't unless you export it.

How do you find Ditto in platinum?

you can catch a Ditto if you talk to Backlot every day for a long time. He will say that he saw a ditto there. Then, you can catch a ditto in the trophy garden.

What day does it have to be to find Ditto in trophy garden platinum?

it doesn't any day

Where do you get a Ditto in platuim?

one certain days in the trophy garden of that guys mansion

By accident I defeated a Ditto I found in the trophy garden instead of catching it are there more than one Ditto you can find?

Yes, you can keep looking for Ditto until midnight, then a new pokémon will appear in the garden.

Where is Ditto in Pokemon platinuim?

It is in the trophy garden. only during the day. you know where that is right?

You are trying to catch a Ditto but all you ever get are mr mimes you have the pokeradar so what should you do?

you can find ditto in the trophy garden or trade from the GTS