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After Cynthia gives you the Secret Potion, use it on the group of Phyducks near the Cafe Cabin. Follow that route (210) until you get to Celestic Town. Talk to the Galactic Grunt and go inside the cave in the middle of the town. If my memory serves me right, she should meet you inside.

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Q: Where is Cynthia's grandmother on Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon platinum in celestic town where does Cynthia's grandmother live?

Cynthias grandmother lives in the largest house in celestic town right above the cave.

Where do you find Cynthias granmother in Pokemon platinum?

celestic town

Where is fantina after you take the charm to Cynthias grandmother in Pokemon diamond?

You don't have to see her afterwards.

What do you after you give the charm to cynthias grandmother in celestic town Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


Where is cynthias grandmother in pokemon pearl?

She is in Celestic town. Fight the Galactic Grunt protecting the ruins in Celestic Town and Cynthia's grandmother will appear.

How do you catch Dialga in platinum?

Talk to Cynthias grandmother and find the stone that she tells you to find in mt. Coronet then go to spear pillar.

On pearl where is Cynthias grandmother?

Cynthias grandmother is in Celestic Town. It is very near Solaceon Town, and it is on the edge of Mt. Coronet (opposite Eterna City).

How do you get to pastoria city on Pokemon diamond?

by flying there with reshiram and lugia which you find on route 112 with the pokerader which you get when you give cynthias grandmother a shell bell

How do you get hmsurf in Pokemon platinum?

Cynthia's grandmother gives it to you.

Where is cyntinas grandmother in Pokemon platinum?

in celestic town

When is Cynthias birthday from Pokemon?


How do you find Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon Platinum I have both orbs beaten the elite 4 and spoken to Cynthias grandmother and they are still not showing up at Spear Pillar?

You must battle heatran, talk to the lady in celstic town, then get the 2 orbs in mount corenet, then they should appear