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In the Waiting Room of Jack Atlas' Duel Stadium, you will see Carly Carmine and Mina Simington. In the upper-right corner, examine the heater to receive a card.

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Q: Where is Bolt's Challenge referring to?
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What is the bolt pattern on Honda CR-V 1997?

Which bolts are you referring to - the head bolts - or the wheel lugs?

In ratchet and clank size matters what is challenge mode?

It's when you replay the whole game but you have all your weapons, armor and bolts. when you play challenge mode one new weapon is available in the Gadgetrons, The RYNO. it costs, 9999000 bolts. hope this helped

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No. One of the two bolts that hold the thermostat housing to the engine is a challenge.

On ratchet and clank what does the multiplier sighs mean on challenge mode?

that's the multiplier you get for not getting injured, it multiplies the bolts you collect by that factor.

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This depends on which challenge you are referring to and which timeframe. In 1066, the Anglo-Saxons and Norwegians matched forces at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and the battle traditionally symbolizes the end of the Viking Age, which was a challenge for many of their victims.

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Where to find the RYNO in Ratchet and Clank size matters?

there is not one actually there is. but to get it you must defeat the game and then play challenge mode and then you will be able to buy it if you have enough bolts

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Yes you can, The axle will stay attached to the hub in that situation though. After the brakes are off you will see bolts on the rear of the knuckle holding hub on. Lossen bolts about 1/4 in. Using an old socket start to hammer on the bolts until the hub comes loose. This can be a challenge.

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