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In Route 14 of Kanto

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Q: Where is Bird keeper josh in HeartGold?
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How do you get a shiny stone in heartgold?

There are multiple ways.... 1. Pokeathalon (3000 athlete pts.) 2. Bird Keeper Josh (Get his number then wait and he will call you.) 3. Get it in a trade (obviously.)

Where do you get a 'shiny stone' on HeartGold?

A Shiny Stone can be obtained in the Pokéathlon Dome, the National Park, by winning the first prize in a Bug-Catching contest, and by Bird Keeper Josh (Route 14).

Will hotpocket savage on josh?

yes are u serious josh i a bird yo :)

Where do you find a shinystone on soul silver?

Getting a call from Bird Keeper Josh on Route 14. The Pokeathlon Dome. The Bug-Catching contest first prize. The northeast corner of the National Park using Rock Climb.

What is a sentence for Pionioned?

the bird keeper had pinioned the eagle's feathers

Where are all the shiny stones in Pokemon soul siver?

Shiny stones can be obtained from Bird Keeper Josh on Route 44, the Pokeathlon Dome, and from winning the Bug Catching Contest. Keep in mind that you can only get them after beating the main game.

Who is mr.Kelly in cow called boy?

A farmer

Is their a trainer in Pokemon platinum with togetic?

its a bird keeper in victory road

Where is the ice path in Pokemon HeartGold?

Travel East from Mahogany Town along Route 44 and it's all the way at the end up on that hill thing, you can tell easily because the entrance is coated in white ice. It's blocked by a blonde Bird Keeper, but he's easy to beat.

Where to find mothim?

somewhere in victory rd. i think if not i am certain a bird keeper or ace trainer has it

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Pidgey or hoothoot?

The hoothoot is better

What person looks after animals?

Ed looks after birds. So does Joe. Andrea has a bird, and looks after it, but has just the one, so I don't know if that works. the question asked about Birds, not bird.