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In Canalave city, canalave city is next to jubulife city

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Q: Where is 6th gym in Sinnoh in Pokemon platinum?
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In Pokemon What is the 6th gym leader in Sinnoh?


Where is the 6th gym in Pokemon platinum?

the 6th gym is in canalacve city

Where is 7th gym leader in Sinnoh in Pokemon light platinum?

there is none. You will be stuck in sinnoh region. just an advice, don't play hacks again.

Where is the 6th gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

in canalave city

Who is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

The 6th Gym Leader in Pokemon Platinum is Byron in Canalave City. He specializes in Steel-type Pokemon and has a Steel based Gym that looks like a construction site.

Where is byran in Pokemon platinum verision?

he is the gym leader in canalave city.Look at this resource:

How to get second badge in Sinnoh platinum?

Beat the gym leader.

Pokemon HeartGold how to get to sinnoh?

you cant get to sinnoh in heart gold, but you can find the gym leaders from sinnoh.

What type of Pokemon does 6th gym leader have on Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum, the 6th Gym Leader, Byron has Steel-type Pokémon. The Steel-type Pokémon that he has during the first match until you beat him are Magneton, Steelix and Bastiodon.

How do you go in 6th gym in shino region Pokemon platinum?

Surf west of Jubilife City

How many trainers do you have to battle in the 6th gym on Pokemon platinum?

it doesn't matter as long as if your strong enough to battle the gym leader

Can you battle the sinnoh gym leaders in pokemon soulsilver?