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You just go to a body of water and use your super rod which you can obtain by getting the national dex, go to the fight area and talk to a fisherman. But remember, you need the national dex.

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Q: Where in the great marsh do you catch carvanha?
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Where can you catch carvanha in Pokemon platinum?

pastoria gret marsh super rod

What level does carvanha evolve?


How do you get carhana in Pokemon platinum?

To get Carvanha: Go to Pastoria Marsh Find some water in any of the 6 areas Use the super rod to fish There is a 35% chance that you will catch a Carvanha.

Where do you catch sharpedo in pokemon diamond?

You can catch one from using a super rod in the waters at Route 213 and Route 222. It's a rare find though (5% Chance), so you would have better luck catching a Carvanha from the Pastoria Great Marsh Game, using a super rod in the waters of areas 1,2,3,4, and 6 (35% Chance) in the Marsh. Then Carvanha will evolve into Shapedo at level 30.

Where can you catch a yanma in pokemon platinum?

You can catch it at the Pastoria Great Marsh.

Where do you catch a carvanha?

You catch it in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City. Go to Area 2 and use a rod (I used a super Rod) in the water in Area 2. If you don't get it the first time, don't worry, keep trying :) Btw it won't be a very high level, mine was lvl 16.

How do you get carvanha in Pokemon pearl?

You get Carvanha in the Great Marsh (The areas are 1 2 3 4 &6 ) by using the super rod. I am not sure if you need the pokeradar or the national dex,but just go ahead and try.I hope this helps

Where can you catch a tropius?

In Platinum, you can find it in the Great Marsh.

How do you catch Scorpio in pearl?

you go into the great marsh

Where can you catch skouroupi in Pokemon diamond?

In the great marsh

Where to catch carvanha in ruby?

Pacifalog Town

Can you catch tropius in the great marsh?

After you get the national dex he "might" appear in the great marsh(but he's very rare)