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you have to go to Eterna city.And go down the stairs and it will be foggy.

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Q: Where in mt coronet is foggy lake and how do you get to it?
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You are at mt coronet's basement but i can't find feebas?

you have to go to a place in mt coronet where there is a lake a it is foggy. If you have defog use it. You have to use your old rod to get feebas in the lake. It worked for me after a few tries. Hopes this helps!

Is there a foggy lake on Pokemon diamond?

Yes. In Mount Coronet there is a foggy room with a lake.

Where is the lake in mt coronet in the Eterna city entrance?

Type your answer here... You need to go round to the other side of Mount Coronet, to the side nearest to Celestic Town, then use HM Strength and HM Rock Smash to push the rocks aside. Go down the staircase and you will arrive at a foggy room. The lake is there.

Where to see feebas in platinum?

Mt Coronet (second floor) in the large lake. He only appears on 4 tiles in the lake. Enter Mt Coronet via Celeste town and go north

Were do you get a dragonaiar on Pokemon pearl?

In a certain lake in Mt. Coronet with a super rod.

How do you get dratiini on Pokemon pearl?

Go to Mt. Coronet at the lake. Or, get him in FireRed, and migrate.

In Pokemon how do you get feebase?

In Platinum/Diamond/Pearl go to the foggy room in mt. coronet and fish in different spots over and over again! Each day feebas has four spaces in the mini fog lake that you will find him, its random.

Where DO you catch Chingling?

Somwhere in mt. Cornet or nearby. --------------------- (Diamond / Pearl) Route 211, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, or at Lake Acuity. (Platinum) Route 211, Mt. Coronet, Sendoff Spring, and Turnback Cave. See related link for more information.

Where do you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

fullmoon island, mt. coronet, stark mt., turn back cave, snowpoint temple, lake valor, lake veriety, lake acuity

Where is mt coronet in emerald?

there is no mt. coronet in emerald that i know of

Where is the arch in mt coronet?

at the top of mt coronet(arch=spear pillar)

A map of mt coronet Pokemon diamond?

There is a map of Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region.