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When you walk it there is a woman at the desk and she'll ask you if you want the your "lotto" ticket say yes and you'll figure out the rest when you talk to her

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Q: Where in jubilife city can you win the lottery?
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More masterballs in Pokemon Diamond?

Win the lottery at Jubilife city.

Are there two masterballs in Pokemon diamond?

Yes you can if you win the lottery at the jubilife city.

How do you get 900 masterball without action replay?

you can try to win the 1st prize in Pokemon lottery at jubilife city

Where to get masterballs without an action replay codes?

if you win the lottery in jubilife city (grand prize) -

Where do you get an exp share on Pokemon Pearl?

You get it from a colleague of Professor Rowan in the hut before Canalaeve City. You can also win one in the Pokemon Lottery in Jubilife City.

Where is the lottery in jublife city?

At the front desk in the Jubilife TV centre.

Where is the lottery in Pokemon platinum?

Simple its in Jubilife City where its allways been

How do you get more than one masterball platinum?

The only way is to win the lottery in jubilife

Where is the Pokemon lottery corner at Pokemon Diamond?

Jubilife city,in the Jubilife TV building speak to 1 of the girls at the counter

Where can you get the experience share in Pokemon diamond?

jubilife city. get 3 numbers in the lottery.

Where is the lottery tower located in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

the tv station has it (i think its in veilstone) the tv station is at jubilife city The TV station is in Jubilife city!!

Were can you get more master balls on Pokemon platinum?

at the Pokemon lottery in jubilife city if your lottery number corresponds to the id of your Pokemon