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Mah Jongg is a game that is unique really, but could be considered similar to dominoes. It originated in China but is now played all over the world by people of all ages.

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Q: Where does the game of Mah Jongg originate?
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Should mah jongg be capitalized?

Yes, "Mah Jongg" should be capitalized as it is a proper noun, referring to a specific tile-based game.

In the game Mah Jongg one of your puzzle options is called four?


What is the proper spelling of Mah Jongg?


What are the mah jongg puzzle options?

The internet has many different Mah-Jongg puzzle games. For the one on the related link the options are:ThemeLayoutTile Set

What does mah-jongg mean?

It is a Chinese table game for four players. The recent "Mahjong solitaire" is not the same.

In the game Mah Jongg one of your puzzle options is called Prisoners?

One of the options is called Two Prisoners.

What does the word kong mean?

In the game of Mah Jongg, a Kong is a group of four tiles of the same suit and number.

What myyearbook game can you get the most money from?

for me its mah jongg dark 3D, but for you it can be anything that your good at and after you practice you will probly get more and more each time

What actors and actresses appeared in Mah Jongg - 1998?

The cast of Mah Jongg - 1998 includes: Lily Chao Chad Evaschesen Chad Langton Iain Scott Dan Strand Mary Yin Jennifer Yu

Which spelling is correct Marjong or Marjongg?

The Chinese game of picture tiles is spelled mahjong or in the US, Mah Jongg (based on the names of the national associations).

What is the value of an old mah jongg set from Ullman Mfg Co?

A search of old US manufacturing records failed to uncover any evidence that Ullman Mfg Co in New York ever made a Mah-Jongg set.

What nicknames did Thelma Hill go by?

Thelma Hill went by Mah Jongg Bathing Girl.