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What is 889ry5ui? Is it a Webkinz secret code? Tell me what is is and I might be able to help. it give you a30 day trial

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Q: Where do you type 889ry5ui on webkinz?
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Has anybody tried typing 889ry5ui on webkinz and got suspended or banned?

Yes people have and it is very stupid so dont try it!!!

What do you get when you type a code in on Webkinz?

when you type a code in on webkinz you get youraccount. it comes with the webkinz you bought one room and 1000.00 dollars. that's what you get when you type in on webkinz.

Do you have any pictures of the beaver webkinz?

i don't have a picture but go on google then type new webkinz then it will say upcoming webkinz, new webkinz , future webkinz

How do you tell if a webkinz code is unused?

Type it on Webkinz, and if it works, it's unused.

What is your favorite type of webkinz?


How do you go deluxe on webkinz?

You half to buy a delux webkinz pet. Go on type in deluxe webkinz, they sell them cheap their.

What do you type in the computer to go on webkinz?

Listen Closely ...In ANY Search Engine You Type: WEBKINZ OR... you could type in the address bar. Take your pick.

A Webkinz pet code?

a webkinz pet code is in the tag tied on to your webkinz leg. open it up and type the code in at the adoption center at webkinz. that is what they are for and what they are. yours truly, AZIKOvird

How do you go deluxe on webkinz world?

You half to buy a delux webkinz pet. Go on type in deluxe webkinz, they sell them cheap their.

A cheat code for webkinz?

no stupid the cheats you hear are liesHey I am Caitlin, and I am not lieing!!! Try this out:.... you have to be a member for this cheat, if you are, read on,1. Go to the employment office,2. Click on the extra employment of the day,3. Click on a random job and wait till the instruction page come's up for it,4. Exit instruction page,5 Click the job you want to do,6 Play it,7 Once you are done, the extra job page will come up again, and you can play it over and over, until you have a tun of money!This is a real cheat, It REALLY WORKS, hope I helped! Caitlin! =) Add me as a friend if it works for you, My user is Cait1bh!!! on webkinz, it is Cait1b!

What is a blufladoodle?

it's a type of webkinz bird

Will webkinz take away what if your account if you type in a code more than once?

No webkinz won't take away your webkinz if you enter another code your just going to have more webkinz that's all