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Go to Icirrus City.

Go in Pokemon Center.

Talk to old man by the counter.

He'll buy it.

Also, if you have any nuggets, pearls, evo stones, etc., SELL THEM TO HIM, he will give you 2x as much as the pokemart.

Full list of items he'll buy with price:

Ore Collector

Any Gem


Any Shard


Hard Stone500


Any Rock1,000

Float Stone1,000


Oval Stone1,500


Fire Stone3,000

Moon Stone3,000


Water Stone3,000

Dawn Stone3,000

Shiny Stone3,000

Sun Stone3,000

Dusk Stone3,000

Shoal Shell7,000

Big Pearl7,500

Star Piece9,800

Pearl String25,000


Big Nugget30,000

Comet Shard60,000

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Q: Where do you sell the Comet Shard in Pokemon White?
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Where do you sell the comet shard in Pokemon black?

go to icirrus city and talk to the man in the corner in the Pokemon center

Where to sell a comet shard in pokemon black?

You have to go to Icirrus City and go in the Pokecenter and there would a older guy next to where you heal your Pokemon and he'll ask if you have anything for sale. He'll take all Nuggets, Shards, Pearls, Evolution Stones, and Mulch.

How many games did Pokemon Black and White 2 sell?

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How do you use the shard of the moon?

You have to acquire all the berries and go in the trailer on route 5 to sell them, then sell the shard.

Where do you sell relic gold in Pokemon white?

You sell it to the relic maniac, in the Undella mansion.

Is there a Pokemon manic that you can sell items to in Pokemon Black and White?

yes,in iceris city in the pokemon center

Is there a secret to the Pokemon Black and White gems?

Not really. Sell them, or give them to Pokemon to hold.

Where can you sell a big nugget in Pokemon Black and White?

In a PokeMart.

How do you get a Magikarp in Pokemon white?

There is a guy who will sell you one on marvelous bridge.

Where can you sell the balm mushroom in Pokemon white version?

You can sell it to this chef inside a trailer on route 5.

How do you sell tms in Pokemon Black?

the pokemart part of a Pokemon center you can sell HMS or tms you don't need TMs cannot be sold in Black and White.

What are star pieces used for in platinum?

You can either sell star pieces or go to Fuego Ironworks by surfing to it just outside Floarama Town. Then talk to the manager of Fuego Ironworks and he will give you 1 Red Shard, Blue Shard Green Shard and Yellow Shard for a Star Piece.