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You don't. They didn't make something for it.

that is true but if you want you can put it in the field card zone slot which is the sliding out bit at one of the ends of the duel disk

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Q: Where do you put the fusion deck in a duel disk?
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What happens when neo spacian grand mole attacks YOUR monster that YOUR opponent controls After creature swap Whose hand does your monster return to?

Cards will always go to their owner's (the player who came to the duel with that card in their deck) hand, deck, graveyard, etc, regardless of who controlled the card at the time. Card ownership never changes during a duel, unlike card controllership. Only very specific cards can put one of your cards in the opponent's hand - Exchange and Amazoness Chain Master are two.

How do you make multiple decks in yugioh 5ds duel transer?

First you go to deck edit ant then go to deck and recipes ant hit save then hit a no data spot and then empty your deck and build a new deck then save angian and agian until you've made as many as you want. But i dont now how any decks you ccan make ive already made 19 decks and ive still got lots of room. And if you have one card of something you can use it in every deck because when you restart the cards are put back in to your trunk.

Is there a site that you can put in all your Yugioh cards and it will make the best deck for me?

no, but there is a yugo ap for the i phone where YOU make your own deck, or you can go to the deck doctor and you give him your deck and he will fix it up for you, or if you have a friend that is an absolute pro like me :), you can ask of him to help you with your deck.

Do you have a free download for hoyle games?

No but you can get it on a disk and put it on your computer

How do you put in a Wii game disk?

To put a Wii game in make sure the picture faces right.

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How do you build a good deck with chimeratech over dragon?

How to build a good deck with Chimeratech over dragon?First put in x3 cyber dragons.Next put in some good machine monster.Then put in x3 future fusion and put x3 overload fusion final fusion.

Do you put all your Yu-Gi-Oh cards together?

At the beginning of each Duel, all of your Normal Monster, Effect Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards are placed in the Deck Zone and all of your Synchro and Fusion Monsters are placed in the Extra Deck Zone. When these cards are placed on the field, Graveyard, or are removed from play, they can be placed together. If an effect is supposed to return a Synchro or Fusion Monster into the Deck, the monster is returned to the Extra Deck instead.

Is the Fusion Deck also considered your Deck on a card description?

No. If a card says to 'search your Deck', or 'send a card from the top of your Deck', this means your main deck. If something tries to return a Fusion monster 'to deck' though, that will put it back in your Extra Deck. That doesn't mean Extra Deck is the considered the same thing, that's just where Fusions and Synchros go when something tries to put them back in Deck.

How can you battle the computer in yu-gi-oh?

You can duel on Dueling Network.Dueling network is a website where all the latest cards are there for you to make your deck. Then you can put your decks to the test and duel against people around the world.

How do you put a duel disk on?

If I recall correctly, there should be an opeing where you cn slide your arm through in order to fit the dueldisk like a bracelet. There should also be straps which would in turn surround your wrist and allow for the tightening of the duel disk in order to prevent it from falling off

What is the point of a side deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

In Match Duels (basically, you're playing best out of three with another duelist) a Side Deck can be used. A Side Deck is entirely separate from your main deck of cards and can only hold a max of 15 cards. After a duel is completed, before the next duel starts each player can look at the cards from their Side Deck and swap them with cards in their Main Deck. Cards included in the Side Deck would be ones to counter and adjust your strategy now that you have seen your opponent's deck in action. You might want to include extra Spell/ Trap removal against this one strategy or remove a card from your deck that doesn't function well against your opponent. In any case, cards taken out of the Side Deck must be replaced with cards from your Main Deck and vice-versa. Once players are done, the second duel begins. If there is a need to go into the third a final duel, each player can exchange cards in their Side Decks again if wanted.

Does your extra deck count as your hand?

No, it does not.The only possible overlap, is if an effect tries to put a Synchro or Fusion monster in hand or main deck, these are returned to the Extra Deck instead, as a specific replacement effect.

How much is a duel runner?

If you are referring to real life, there are no duel runners so you can't purchase one. (But there was one made as a promo for Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's). Maybe they will make a duel runner but it will be just a bike modified to look like one plus you even be able to get a duel disk and put it in.

Yu-Gi-Oh I need a list of what can be polymerized?

that is not how it works. you need to have the card they make when they fuse. for example, three blue eyes can be, as you put it, "polymerized" for the blue eyes ultimate dragon but you need to have the ultimate dragon card in your fusion deck already. if you didn't already know your fusion deck is put to the side during the game and you can only summon the monsters in it by fusing the monsters in it's text by some means. one more thing. all monsters that go in your fusion deck say fusion in bold above the monsters listed on it.

Does 5 headed dragon come in a starter deck?

Not a starter deck, but a special structure deck pack. They don't sell them in stores anymore, but you can order them off of Toywiz. The 5-Headed Dragon came in a Special Edition of the Dinosaur Deck, (the one that featured Super Conductor Tyranno). To summon 5-Headed Dragon, you need to fuse together any 5 Dragon cards, (it doesn't matter which, his attack points are 5000, and so are his Defense points). Here's a tip, if you plan to use one, If you put a Future Fusion and Dragon's mirror in your deck, along with a couple Polymerizations and Fusion Sage's, you can Summon 5-Headed Dragon very quickly in the Duel. It works best in a well-supported Dragon Deck.

Can you put any card in your deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

If you're talking about main deck, then you can put any card in as long as it is a valid game-legal Yu-Gi-Oh! card (so no old God Cards)and is not forbidden by the current ban list, nor can you exceed the stated number of a restricted card. You also cannot put Synchro, Fusion or XYZ monsters in your main deck, these go in the Extra Deck, or Side Deck.

Yugioh card that if you put it in your opponents deck he loses the duel if he draws it?

there is no such card with an effect like that. you could be referring to parasitic parasite, which is special summoned to their side of the field when they draw it and they take 1000 damage.