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When you first register, it sends you an email that tells you to fax or mail them a letter, stating that your parents agree to this. But, if you just wait a few days, it will automaticly activate and make you a member. You just have to be patient.

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Q: Where do you go if your registration hasn't activated after 4 days on WolfQuest?
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How long does it take to get your wolfquest account activated?

It can take up to 3 days.

How long does it take for your account to get activated on wolfquest?

1-2 days. I'm still waiting for mine!

Why does my wolfquest account say its invalid but its registered and i activated it?

Are you sure you sent it the form to them? And if you did it may take a few days for them to activate your account. Also, wolfquest may be down for awhile, sometimes that happens.

How do you create a username and password to join a multiplayer game on Wolfquest?

You will need to register via the WolfQuest forums. From the WolfQuest website, click 'Community', then click 'Register'. You eill need to wait usually 1-3 days, though often account activations are done within a day - until your account is activated. Once activated, you'll be able to login to the forums and game.

How do you get multiplayer to work on WolfQuest?

First you get a yahoo account..(if you don't have one already) then you register at After you register you will get a email from wolfquest on yahoo it will say you have to wait so we can activate your usually have to wait 1- 4 days and when it is activated you will get another email from wolfquest saying you can now play mulitplayer

Is there a site that gives you a free wolfquest account?

You can signup to the WolfQuest community completely free. Activation typically takes a couple days, but once activated, you'll be able login to the forum and game completely on your own account with your desired username. :)

Can any one give me their wolf's username and password for wolfquest?

Sharing accounts is not a good idea. Registering for WolfQuest is easier and a much better way of doing things. Use the web site. Once registered, your account will be activated within 1-3 days of the week excluding weekends.

What is the email to ask wolf quest to activate your account?

You do not need to contact WolfQuest to ask for your account to be activated. They ask that once you have registered you be patient and wait until they activate your account (which can take up to three days).

Is there a Australian WolfQuest?

no. wolfquest multiplayer lets you interact with the whole world. it, however, does not work on rainy days.

How do you log on to the part when you are a wolf on wolfquest?

You don't need to log on to WolfQuest. You just download it and then you can play on it willy nilly. However is you want to play on multi player then you have to create a account on the wolf quest website. Its free to create an account but it takes up to 8 days or less for your account to be activated good luck. And.... Happy gaming :)

How do you get the saddle and bridle of the saddler on Howrse?

If you mean the Made-to-measure saddle: It is activated after your 30th day of registration. You win it in one of the achievement levels and can buy it in the store after 30 days of seniority.

Where do you find the activation code for wolf quest?

There is no activation code/verification link. Administrators are responsible for account activations, which helps keep the community forums clear of SPAM. Please be patient - your account should be activated within 24-48 hours of registering. If your account still has not been activated after three days, refer to the WolfQuest FAQ's "Your Account" forum for further instructions.