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You can go anywhere you went before, however you should probably head east of Mauville, via surf and then head north as then you will come across the weather institute and eventually the city of Fortree where the 6th gym is. Other than that, yeah you cant do much.

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Q: Where do you go after you beat your dad in Pokemon ruby without a water Pokemon who can surf?
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How do you get a water type in ruby version without a good rod?

your starter pokemon can be a water type and you can trade water type pokemon with your friends in pokemon ruby

What Pokemon do you need to beat Watson in Pokemon ruby?

water or fire type on a high level (above his)

Do you have to beat the Pokemon league in ruby and Pokemon FireRed to trade?

you only have to beat the elite 4 on Pokemon fire red not ruby

Where can you catch water Pokemon without fishing in Pokemon ruby?

just surf on the ocean..

How do you beat Pokemon Ruby?

you play it

How do you beat the seventh gym leader on ruby?

Use strong water or dark type Pokemon

Where to beat elite four on pokemon ruby?

The Pokemon League

What Pokemon do you have to have to beat the elite on Pokemon ruby?

A fighting type, a ghost type, a rock type, a ice type, a water type.

Do you have to beat the game Pokemon buby to trade with Pokemon Colosseum?

I'm going to assume you mean "Pokemon Ruby" in your question. Anyway, to trade between Ruby and XD, you must beat Pokemon XD and defeat the champion in Ruby.

Where to get water pulse TM in ruby Pokemon?

8th gym leader

Do you have to beat Pokemon Ruby to put Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

No, but you must get to a certain point in Pokemon Diamond to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby.

How do you beat the 7th gym on Pokemon ruby?

well what you need is a:pyhsic,dark or a fighting type and get them to a good level like 47 or somthin and you will beat them!! GO WATER POKEMON!!