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underwater where kyogre will be awakened

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Q: Where do you go after you beat tate and liza in Pokemon emerald?
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What do you do when team aqua escapes aqua hideout in Pokemon sapphire?

simple you go to mossdeep city vis surf beat tate and liza then help steven beat team magma in the space place at the northeast of the city and then go into all houses until you reach Stevens house and use dive to find the seafloor cavern and beat team aqua

How do you beat mossdeep gym leaders tate and liza?

have some really high lvl Pokemon (lvl 50 or over) if you can get a psychic Pokemon (alakazam or gardevoir) and teach it shadow ball (TM on top of mt pyre inside) ................ I read that the minimum lvl could be 36. I lost once to the leaders and am now almost to lvl 36 with these two Pokemon, lombre (wtr/grs) and sharpedo (wtr/drk). If you're playing Emerald, which adds Lunatone and Solrock to their team... water, grass, dark and ghost moves are highly effective. My lombre knows Solarbeam (found in Safari Zone, past upper left pond), Giga Drain (from a grass loving trainer as long as you have a grass type) and Surf and my sharpedo knows Crunch and Taunt (taunt being good for all those status boosts that your foes will use to max out their defense)... I prob could do better with Sharpedo's dark move, I will check that out before I try a second time.

How do you get to the 7th gym leader on Pokemon emerald version?

Defeat Team Magma in their hideout at Mt. Chimney's Jagged Pass and defeat Team Aqua in their hideout at Lilycove City to be able to travel to Mossdeep City. Mossdeep is east of Lilycove; you will need to Surf to get there.The 7th gym is located in the Mossdeep city. From Lilycove, travel the seas with "Surf". Keep travelling to the right and your will soon get to the Mossdeep. Go up ahead the Mossdeep area and you will find a gym. Inside is Liza&Tate. They hold the Mind Badge. The Mind Badge allows for the HM Dive to be used outside of battle. Additionally, it will raise the special stats of the player's Pokémon.

What is the order of gyms on emerald?

1#Roxanne 2#Brawly 3#Wattson 4#Flannery GeodudeLV12 Geodude LV12 Machop LV16 Electrike LV20 SLugma LV24 Nosepass LV15 Meditite LV16 Magneton LV22 Camerupt LV26 Makuhita LV19 Manectric LV24 Torkal LV29 Voltorb LV20 Numel LV24 5# Norman 6#Winona 7#Liza and Tate 8#Juan Sorry,I dont remember 5-8.

What do you do after magma hideout?

go to the dive spot surrounding a cave. (not the white cave) then, go in. see the submarine? press b here and you'll get to seafloor cavern. (make sure your Pokemon knows strengh) you'll battle some team magma grunts, then battle the magma boss again. win then he'll use the blue orb, causing groudon to flee. then, steven appears and you have to go to sootoplis. go in the cave of orgin to find groudon. catch or defeat it because that's all you can do at this point. i defeated it one-hit KO because i had no pokeballs. to use dive, beat mossdeep city gym leaders tate and liza.

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What is the 7th Gym in Pokemon Emerald?

Tate & Liza in Mosdeep. Psychic type.

What are some good combination Pokemon for Pokemon emerald?

You can get a grass type to beat Wallace or Juan. A dark type for Tate, Liza, or Phoebe. A water type for Roxanne, Flannery. An ice type for Drake. And so on.

Who is the seventh gym leader in emerald?

Twins Liza and Tate in Moss deep City, they use physicic Pokemon

Where is the stolen sub on Pokemon emerald?

Just Southeast of Sootopolis City, it's underwater so make sure you 1)beat Liza & Tate, 2) got HM08 Dive from Steven

What Pokemon moves can beat the mossdeep gymleaders tate and lisa in emerald?


How do you find a diver that can teach your Pokemon dive in Pokemon emerald?

You get the abilty to use the move Dive from Tate and Liza in Mossdeep and then you can teach your Pokemon to Dive! X3 POKEMON-1001

What Pokemon do the mossdeep gym leaders have?

Tate and Liza have on Ruby and Sapphire: Solrock Lunatone On Emerald they have: Claydol Xatu Lunatone Solrock

What is the easyiset way 2 beat liza and tate emerald?

you throw your gameboy on the ground until it breaks and then buy a new one and keep on repeating

What Pokémons can defeat liza and tate's Pokémons?

Try to have some bug, fight and poison Pokemon.Here is my team when I defeated them:BlazikenCrawdauntArmaldoDusclopsCrobatMachokeP.S.: I played Pokemon emerald

How do you get to the seventh Gym in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald?

You have to surf from Lilycove to Mossdeep city so you can challenge the 7th Gym Leader, The psychic twins, Tate and Liza.

What Pokemon does 7th gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

Tate and Liza have: Solrock and Lunatone

How do you beat Mossdeep gym leaders Tate and Liza with ninetails?

Ninetails is a pretty strong pokemon. I have one, and it grows fast (but it just can't keep up with Blaziken). To beat Tate and Liza with only it, you'd have to have a level...... Eh, maybe seventy. To beat them with it and others, make sure you don't have many fighting pokemon, some ghost pokemon, and they're all around level 55. Hope I helped! :) P.S. If you have any other questions about Hoenn games, contact me.