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Victory road

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Q: Where do you go after you beat cheren at victory road in Pokemon white?
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Where does cheren go after you beat her at victory road on Pokemon black and white?

Cheren is a guy

What do you do after you beat cheren on victory road in Pokemon white?

enter the Pokemon league

How do you beat Cheren before the Pokemon league?

When you get to the end of the victory road in pokemon white or black, you will fight with cheren, your main rival. He will be quite strong (he will have his main pokemon at level 65 and all others at 63). To beat him, just use type advantages or use pokemon higher than 63 in level.

Where is cheren after you beat the elite four?

Cheren will be at the end of victory road.

Why isn't Cheren waiting in Victory Road?

After you beat the game, you must go to route 5 and talk to Cheren. He'll then be waiting for you at victory road.

Where do cheren go after you beat the game Pokemon white?

He first goes to Route 5, close to the place where you two both first met Alder. He then goes to one of the topmost caves at Victory Road, where he can be fought against.

What trainers can you rebattle in Pokemon Black and White 2?

The elite four, the champion, (Cheren, Bianca,you have to find them)and,(Cynthia,after you beat the game)

How do you get hm surf in white?

Alder gives it to you when you beat Cheren at Twist Mountain.

How do you get HM2 in Pokemon Black and White English?

When you go to Twist Mountain and have to battle Cheren, Alder will give it to you soon after you beat Cheren.

How do you beat Cheren in Pokemon White?

using super effective Pokemon against his' Pokemon you'll need a super effective Pokemon against his starter but you don't need to win with super effective Pokemon just stock up on potions that's what I do.

Where do you find bianca and cherin after you beat the Pokemon league in black?

Cheren is in the last room of Victory Road before going to Victory Road. (Meet him on Route 5 first.) Bianca is in Professor Juniper's Lab. (I think after beating Alder, I'm not sure)

When can you catch Zekrom in Pokemon white?

Once you have the Dark Stone, go to Opelucid City and beat Drayden. He tells you to go to Victory Road where you'll battle Cheren for the last time before the game is over. You have to beat the Elite Four but won't battle Alder because N appears to have beat him. He says he won fair and square and raises Team Plasma's castle around the Pokemon League. Zekrom will be inside.