Where do you go after Fuchsia city?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Surf south of Pallet town to get to Cinabar island.

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Q: Where do you go after Fuchsia city?
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How do you get to fuchsia city on Pokemon HeartGold?

you have to go through cycling road to get to fuchsia city

How do you find the Move Deleter on Pokemon FireRed?

AnswerYou have to go to Fuchsia City, then go to to the house next to the Poke Center.left to the Pokemon center in fuchsia city

How do you get to seafoam islands from Fuchsia City?

You go to the beach on the south side of fuchsia and then you surf south, then west

How do you get to route 14 in silver?

Go left from Fuchsia city

Pokemon indigo how to get jirachi?

Go to Fuchsia City, or browse the rooms.

Where do you catch migrated Pokemon in soul silver?

Go to Pal Park, in Fuchsia City, where the Safari Zone used to be in the older games.

Where do you go in seafoam islands?

go in fuchsia city and surf their until you got to the seafoam island

How do you catch to the 5gym in FireRed?

You can reach fuchsia city where the 5th gym is by two ways: From celadon city you can go west and use cycling road to go south and reach the city or from lavendar town you head a long way south to reach fuchsia city.

How can you go from Fuchsia city to cinnadar island in the Pokemon game?

You'd have to fly.

How do I get the super rod in Pokemon Yellow?

you go to fuchsia city its near the pokecenter

How do you get to safari zone on Pokemon fire version?

Go to Fuchsia City and go north. Then just walk in.

What to do after you have beaten fuchsia city gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to the next gym leader.