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A person can get wish tokens from Webkinz by playing a game called Token Balloon Darts. A person will also receive wish tokens in their inbox when it is their birthday.

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Q: Where do you get wish tokens form webkinz?
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How do you use wish tokens webkinz?

how to use wish tokens on webkinz

Is there a cheat for wish tokens on webkinz?


How do you get the wish on Webkinz?

You have to get 10 or more wish tokens.

What do you do with the wish tokens on webkinz?

You can take them to the wish factory, put them into the wish machine, and once you have collected so many tokens, you can trade them in for a prize!

Where do you get the time machine and what does it do on webkinz?

you can get it by wishing at the Wish Factory or by using wish tokens

What are a few ways you can earn wish machine tokens on webkinz?

wish machine

How do you get webkinz wish tokens?

You can get wish tokens on some hourly events and on the wheel of wow. I am sure you can get them in other ways, too, but I forget how.

How do you get free tokens on Webkinz?

Well an 1000 kinzcash tokens are found in bonus boxes. Wish tokens are given out in radom gifts and letters. you can also get them on your birthday and Christmas and even webkinz days or sometimes as gifts from freinds if you wnat more info go to webkinz and click bulletinz board and click tokens for wish factory

How do you get wish tokens in webkinz?

All that I know of is Token ballon darts

Where can you get wish tokens on webkinz?

On Christmas, you get tokens in your present. You can get some if you play Webkinz on your birthday. Or, by playing the wheel of wishes and token balloon dartz in the Today's Activities page.

How do you get free wish tokens on webkinz?

By playing wish token target, Or if webkinz thinks that you have been a member for 1 year you get 1 free token!~

What is the easiest way to get wish tokens on webkinz besides buying something?