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You can get voodoo dolls from the island Spookane by pulling up the grass several times in a row.

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Q: Where do you get voodoo dolls on my sims kingdom?
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How you get voodoo dolls on my Sims kingdom?

You have to help someone in a vacation land and they will give you a voodoo doll as a reward. Hope this helps...sorry not much of an answer..

Where are voodoo dolls on your sims kingdom?

You can pull out weeds like four times in row, If you have a summoning circle thing you can get them from those if 3 or 2 people seance with you (: Hope i helped!(:

How are evil voodoo dolls made?

Voodoo dolls are not evil.

Your sims kingdom voodoo doll?

It is found in the ground, mine for it too. Its in Spookane

Is Voodoo dolls related to Vodun voodoo religion?

Personalized Voodoo Dolls are sometimes used in conjures in the Voodoo and Vodun religions.

What is the scroll that gives you the ability to get voodoo dolls?

You do not need a scroll to obtain Voodoo Dolls. Most people make their own voodoo dolls, or they can be purchased.

Were can you get voodoo dolls on marapets?

To get a voodoo doll, go to explore, then go to Eleka's Castle, then you should see a hay stack with white dolls with red eyes, those are the voodoo dolls.

Who made voodoo dolls?

the african slaves made and brought over voodoo dolls in the 16th century.

What are the ratings and certificates for Voodoo Dolls - 1991?

Voodoo Dolls - 1991 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What cultures use voodoo dolls?

While voodoo dolls are often seen as an ancient ritual to some, there are still cultures that practice the use of dolls. In Haiti, people who practice with voodoo dolls are called "vodouists." In the United States there is still some voodoo culture in the south, such as Lousiana.

Where can you get voodoo dolls?

Most people that honestly use voodoo dolls will make them their self to suit their intended purpose.

Where in the Philippines you can buy voodoo dolls?

in the Philippines you can buy Voodoo Dolls in al Clipper stores and Mental shops Nationwide.