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The wrench is in your spy phone, there is a button on the spy phone that gives you three tools, a wrench, scissors, and a comb.

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2009-07-20 19:15:45
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Q: Where do you get the wrench to open the tool box on the mission of the missing coins on club penguin?
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How do you complete the case of the missing coins?

Just Go To This Website For A Full Guide On "How To Complete The Case Of The Missing Coins - Mission 3" The following is NOT a link

What is the secret code on the mission the missing coins on club penguin?

it is 3568

Club Penguin missing coins?

Mission 3? You can see it on youtube.

How do you solve the missing coins mission in club penguin?

See the related link.

Who is rookie in the town on the club penguin mission?

Rookie is the penguin who was in the vault on the Case of the missing coins mission. He is also on mission 10, Waddle Squad.

How do you pass the case of the missing coins on club penguin?

Just search a Club Penguin Mission 3 walktrough on Youtube!

Where is the key for the door to the roof for the mission the case of the missing coins in club penguin?

In G's droor

Club Penguin in mission 3?

If you are trying to ask what is mission 3 it is case of the missing coins. add me: Tay Lautner5

What is the code for the missing coins mission for club penguin?

the code for the missing coin mission is: 5 up 3 left 0 down 2 right

How do you get the coins from the vault in the club penguin mission?

Search on Google for 'Case of the Missing Coins Walkthrough.' The best ones are youtube videos

How do you solve the the case of the missing coins mission on club penguin?

The disc for the computer is under the sofa and the coins are stuck to the celing of the volt.

On Club Penguin how do you open the electric box in Case of the Missing Coins?

you get your wrench out of your spyphone and open it out of any 4 screws

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