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you can't (get one in the kanto region and it's a key item). but you can make a blue Flute in the hoenn region then migrate a Pokemon holding it

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Q: Where do you get the pokeflute on Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get the pokeflute in Pokemon dimondpearl?

there isn't pokeflute in Pokemon pearl or diamond

Where do you get pokeflute in Pokemon Silver?

Pokeflute is on the Pokemon radio when you are in Johto or Kanto.

What is the code to get the pokeflute in Pokemon diamond ds?

The pokeflute does not exist as an item in Pokémon Diamond. The pokeflute only exists in 1st generation of Pokémon games (Red, Blue and Yellow), their remakes (Firered and LeafGreen) and in Pokémon X and Y, though doesn't have the same function as in Red and Blue.

How do you get a pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

you dont get the pokeflute you use the pokegears radio once you can in kanto and tune it to the pokeflute channel

Where do you get a pokeflute in Pokemon FireRed?

rescue Mr. Fuji and he will give you the pokeflute - by hezekiah

Pokemon Gold Pokeflute?

Your radio has a station that acts as a pokeflute when you enter kanto

Where do you get the pokeflute to wake up the Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mr fuji has the pokeflute he is at the top of Pokemon tower in Lavender Town.

Where do you get the pokeflute from in Pokemon Silver?


Where to get pokeflute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You don't get the actual Pokeflute, but you can play Pokeflute music on your radio after you have upgraded it at the Radio Tower in Lavender Town.

How do you get the pokeflute in the red version of Pokemon?

you go to the top floor in the Pokemon tower and then you save mr.fuji and then he give s u the pokeflute

How can you move a sleeping pokemon in Pokemon Firered?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you get past a sleeping Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use the pokeflute.