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Go to Silph co. and there bis a guy who says something like "i am trying to bring back Pokemon from fossils, And its working!!!" he will then revive the fossil/old amber.that is false, where you go to revive the old amber or one of the fossils is actually on cinibar island. there is a building at the south-west end with a long hallway go down to, i think, the last door, or second to last, talk to the scientist, there's actually two, the one by the computer is the one you talk to i think.
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Q: Where do you get the old amber checked in Pokemon Blue?
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What Pokemon can you get with an old amber in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Aerodactyl can be obtained from the Old Amber. You can find the Old Amber from the Underground. Take it to the Mining Museum in Oreburgh City to obtain Aerodactyl.

How do you get the old amber checked i Pokemon fire red version if a scientist turd it in to a Pokemon?

you go to Cinnabar city and go to the weird building you check it out by turning it into Aerodactyl

Pokemon platinum what does an old amber fossil reveal?

the old amber reveals aridactul

What is a old amber in Pokemon?


Whats a Old Amber on Pokemon pearl version?

An old amber is the fossil if you like for aerodactyl.

What is the old amber for in Pokemon FireRed?

The old amber is the fossil of aerodactel go to cinnibar island to ressurect him/her

How did Pokemon amber die?

Because it old

Can you cut amber?

No. Amber in a Pokemon game is not-cuttable. You must bring it to cinnabar island, go into the lab, and talk to one of the people in there. He will ressurrect an old Pokemon from the amber.

Were to get a aradactal in Pokemon SoulSilver?

get an old amber dudes

Where can you get old amber in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Ruins of Alph.

In Pokemon diamond where can you get an old amber?

underground, they are rare.

Can you revive old amber in Pokemon emerald?

Sadly... no.