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1) Go inside Bottomsup Bay

2) Go all the way to the back

3) There should be 3 tunnels to go through look for the one in the upper-right side

4) Inside the cave, start scanning.


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Q: Where do you get the idol fragment in bottomsup bay?
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Where is the idol fragment in bottomsup bay in fossil fighters?

Look where you find the dentures for nick nack also if you dont remember it is ina secret passage under a rock in the top right hand corner

Where are the fragments on fossil fighters?

The idol fragments are in Greenhorn Plains, Knotwood Forest, Rivet Ravine, Bottomsup Bay, and Mt. Lavaflow... and Secret Island.

Are dilopho fossils in bottomsup bay?

no, they're in the bb base

Where do you get jango in fossil fighters?

Jiango is in the sunken ship in Bottomsup Bay.

Where is the captain's room in Bottomsup Bay in Fossil Fighters?

It is on the Third floor

Where can you find onyx fossils in fossil fighters?

it is in the pirate ship in bottomsup bay.

Where do you find futabi in fossil fighters?

You can find him in bottomsup bay near and in the pirate ship

Where is Rivet Ravine idol fragment?

it is on the begging of the brige

How do you get Onyx and futibi in fossil fighters?

Onyx and Futabi are both found in the Pirate's Ship in Bottomsup Bay.

Fossil fighters where are the 3 secret enterances in bottomsup bay?

basically you hit rocks with your pick axe and hole will appear if you find the right one. The one the goes to the sunken ship is the rock on the far left passes the rock that separates the two areas in bottomsup bay.

Where is the fourth idol fragment in fossil fighters?

It is in Mount Lavaflow

How do you get onyx fossil in fossil fighters?

Miss samp is nasty and fat with hermole...eww