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A braille reader does not exist in Pokemon Ruby or any Pokemon game with braille used as a puzzle. Translating the braille for yourself is very simple if you print off a braille alphabet sheet.

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Q: Where do you get the braille reader in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you get a braille translator on Pokemon Ruby?

you need wailord

What is the braille code to the regis in Pokemon ruby?

Chuck Norris

What is the dot's language in Pokemon sapphire and ruby version?


How do you get braille set on Pokemon LeafGreen?

On island one, there is a cave with a ruby and a full set of braille alphabet.

What is the e reader code in Pokemon Ruby?

As of 2014, there is not a listed e-reader code for Pokemon Ruby. There are codes however for other Pokemon versions.

Where do you find the braille key in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no item called a Braille Reader in any Pokemon game. However, in Pokemon Emerald, the player does not need to be able to read the visual braille in order to obtain the Regis Pokemon, and many players have already decoded and shared their findings on the internet.

Ancient tomb route 120 braille Pokemon ruby?

You can find braille in various places in Pokémon Ruby, such as the ancient tomb on route 120. You can easily translate the braille by looking up the braille alphabet.

Who is braille in ruby?

Braille is not a person in the game, it is a language used in the game to make it harder to obtain rare Pokemon.

Where would you find braille on Pokemon on fire red?

On island one, there is a cave with a ruby and a full set of braille alphabet.

How do you get an e-reader in Pokemon ruby?

you buy it on eBay.

When do you use the braille in Pokemon?

When you need to find the the ruby and sapphire, when you need to find the regis...

What does the braille in regices tomb say in Pokemon ruby?

Read the braille, then don't touch the game for about 2 minutes. This will open the door to Regice.