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get lv 99 in a skill and you auto maticly get the skill cape. takes 3 years to finishwith all lv 99s. ( like me! )

Thats all wrong except for getting 99 in your skills for skillcape. You dont automaticly get cape you gotta but for 100k from the master of the skill and it doesnt take 3 years for all 99s, it depends how long you play.

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Q: Where do you get skillcapes on RuneScape?
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Can free users of RuneScape wear skillcapes?

No, sorry.

Who has all the skill capes in runescape?

zezima was the first one to obtain all the skillcapes at the time but since then hundreds of people have also obtained all the skillcapes to see there names look it up in the highscores

Can you wear cape of achievement as non-memmber in runescape?

No, you cannot. Skillcapes are called "Member's Object" on F2P worlds.

On RuneScape wh ere do you get the skillcapes from?

In order to get a skillcape first you have to have 99 in that certain level. There are certain npc's all over runescape that have the person that sells the different capes for 99k each.

Are skillcapes members only in RuneScape?

No, skillcapes are not members-only objects. They are also available to free players as long as you have reached level 99 in a certain skill. They actually are members only, even if you have 99 of any skill. You also need to pay 99k to get it.

Can free players get skillcapes in runescape?

Yes you can Good luck on getting one :) Wrong you gotta be a member and when you do get a 99 you have to buy cape from master for 100k witch is a bit unfair.

Can nonmembers get a skill cape in RuneScape?

yes they can infact i got the wc skillcape when i was lv 48 and nonmemeber of course now i am memeber and am lv yes nonmemebrs can get skillcapes

Are skillcapes for members?

Yes, only members can buy skillcapes, however if you are wearing a skillcape and lose your membership, you'll continue to wear the cape on f2p worlds unless you take it off.

What skillcapes can non members get?


What are skillcapes and how do you get them in RuneScape?

Skillcapes are available to players when they have maxed out one of their skills (level 99). They are available in different colors and effects, for sometimes you can even get emotes from them. They symbolize a great ability at a skill and are worn with honour by Runescapeins. It is a great achievement and when you have one, they are precious and just...awesome. Hes fully right but he forgot about the skill dungeonearing which the max is 120 with a new cape.

Can nonmembers in RuneScape get skillcapes?

Yes you can buy skillscapes, but you don't have to. But keep in mind that you also need to be level 99 in that skill to be able to buy the cape. To buy from some NPC, find the NPC wearing that respective skillcape, which is usually a Guild Master, and buy it for 1k. It used to be that you had to be a member to buy skillcapes but now you can buy them if you're a non-member. However, you cannot get some skillcapes if you're a non-member because some of the guilds are located in Members-Only Areas. But if you have friends that are members and have the skill, you might be able to get it from them by asking them to help you buy it.

Can a non-member get a skillcape?

No, Skillcapes are members' items.