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If you look in the catalog, there is always a page where they have a thing that's kind of like "Penguins at Work" or something. They usually sell things that do something if you dance, like the yellow hat (if you dance you drill) and the Pizza apron, etc. I suppose the shovel was sold there too, but I believe the shovel isn't there in this catalog. I may be wrong. You may want to check.

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Q: Where do you get shovel in club penguin?
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How can you get the shovel on club penguin?

we dont get it

How do you get the shovel on Club Penguin?

YOU CANT sorry

How do you get the shovel in Club Penguin?

You can get the shovel in Penguin Style. It would be in the Job section.If you are a member you buy it from a clothing catalog.

How can you dig in Club Penguin?

get a shovel a snow shovel and a minner hat and dance

How do you get a shovel on Club Penguin or how you get a digger hat on Club Penguin?

The shovel is in the penguin style on July. Diggerhat: Green: Penguin style, March Red: Not available anymore Yellow: Penguin catalog, June Orange: Mine shack.

Do you have to be a member to get a shovel and hardhat on club penguin?


Where do you get the shovel pin on Club Penguin?

There is no longer a shovel pin but there may be one soon.

Where is the shovel on club penguin?

i also wondered but there is no shovel there is a hrd hat in the underground mine.

How can you get a shovel on Club Penguin?

When it is out, you can buy it in the penguin style catalogue. You cannot get it anywhere else.

Where do you get a shovel on Club Penguin?

im not sure but it could be in the mine

Where will you get a shovel on club penguin on the cave mine?

you don't get one

Where can you buy a shovel on club penguin?

the shovel is an old item im 99% sure it will come back!