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in the white forest. if trainer/businessman doug is in white forest, you can find a shinx.

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Q: Where do you get shinx in Pokemon White?
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Can you catch shinx in Pokemon black?

No, Shinx is exclusive to pokemon white and is found in the white forrest. You can trade though with someone who has caught Shinx in pokemon white

What Pokemon does shinx breed with?

Shinx can breed with an Eevee. I'm not sure what other Pokemon Shinx can breed with.

What type of Pokemon is shinx?

Shinx is a electric type

Is shinx a legendary Pokemon?

course s shinx isn't a legendary Pokemon x

How do you have a female Shinx for your hero in Pokemon Explorers of Sky?

Shinx, as the hero/partner Pokemon, can only be male.

How do you be shinx on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3?

male:hasty no female shinx

What level shinx evolve in Pokemon?

Shinx evolves at level 16

Can you get a shinx in Pokemon Emerald?


What type of Pokemon is Aqua-Shinx?

There is an Aqua-Shinx, actually. It is a fan-made Pokemon on the Pokemon adoptable site, Pokefarm, and it was given out as an event. That would make it Electric and Water because Shinx is Electric and Buizel is Water. (these are The two Pokemon that make Aqua-Shinx up.)

What level does shinx evolven in Pokemon pearl?

Shinx evolves in lvl 15 in a Luxio.

Where can you get a shinx in Pokemon sapphire?

you cant

What Personality do you need to be a Girl Shinx on explorors of sky?

Shinx is a boy only pokemon, sorry