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You can find lumber by talking to the man next to the wood in Whittleton Village. :D

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Q: Where do you get lumber in Zelda sprit tracks?
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Boomerang or sword.

When does Legend of Zelda Sprit Tracks come out?

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How do you get to the first lokomons in legend of Zelda sprit tracks?

In the lost woods you follow which way the trees with no leaves point on the track selections BUT the fourth tree is lying .

Where do you find lumber on The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Whittleton. You'll need something attached to your train first before you can transport it around. I'm sure Linebeck III can help you.

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go to and search up walkthrough of Zelda spirit tracks

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There is no helicopter in the Spirit Tracks

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Yes, it is. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the next Zelda game that is going to be released for the Nintendo DS.

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