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Go to the department store and then go to floor 3 i think it should be for sale ta the price of $5500

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Q: Where do you get fire blast in Pokemon platinum?
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On Pokemon platinum what level does magmortar learn Fire Blast?

58, but if it helps, you can buy Fire Blast at the Veilstone Department Store

Where do you get TM fire blast in Pokemon platinum?

u go the forge iron works

On Pokemon ruby what TM number is fire blast?

TM38 - Fire Blast!

Can you buy TM Focus Blast in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes you can buy the Focus Blast TM move in Pokémon Platinum.

How many fire attacks are in Pokemon platinum?

There are 18 Fire Attacks in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Where do you get the TM fire blast in Pokemon version Pokemon FireRed?

The TM Fire Blast is given by Blaine the Cinnibar Island gym leader.

What is the beat fire move on Pokemon pearl?

fire blast

What is tm38 in Pokemon Ruby?

fire blast

When does Charzard get Fire Blast in Pokemon Red?

Charizard does not get fire blast in Pokemon red, his last move he gets is fire spin on level 55, the only way that i know of to get fire blast is by defeating the gym leader, Blaine on Cinnibar Island.

What level does Ho-Oh learn Fire Blast in Pokemon Gold?

It learns Fire Blast at level 44.

What is the best fire attack in Pokemon?

That is Blast Burn

What city in Pokemon FireRed can you have the skill fire blast?

After you beat Baline in cinabar island, he gives you TM fire blast