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Depends how cheap if 10 bucks is too much for you then australians should be asking there 25 in Australia if youre in australia try to look at game eb games or a shop in melbourne minotaur

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Q: Where do you get cheap halo action figures?
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Are halo reach action figures the same size as Halo 3 action figures?

no most halo reach figures are smaller

Where can you get cheap halo figures?


What are halo action figures made of?


How can you get a halo action figure haul?

by going to target toys r us or shop on-line to get halo action figures

How big is Halo Action Figures?

About 1 inch and a half

Where can you buy halo action figures in Singapore?

Order it by phone!

Can halo 3 action figures hold halo reach weapons?

It can hold certain ones.

Who sells HALO Red Hornet action figures?

Any store that has HALO Mega Bloks

Where can one buy Halo action figures?

Halo action figures can be purchased at a variety of retail locations and online stores. Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and eBay, for example, each sell this item.

Where can I buy cheap Rocky action figures?


Can you but halo action figures at target?

Yes but not as many as Toys R Us

When is the fifth series of halo action figures coming out?

Glasslands comes out October 2011