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after you beat the Pokemon league u go 2 the island in the northeast and u will find a desert.then you might find a protector there.

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Q: Where do you get a protector on Pokemon Diamond?
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Who is the protector for on Pokemon diamond?

On Pokemon Diamond the Protector is a hold item for Rhydon. It is required for Rhydon to evolve into Rhyperior when traded while holding the Protector.

Where to find a protector?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, a Protector can be found on Route 228. In Pokemon Platinum, a Protector can be found on Iron Island.

What is a protector in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

A Protector, when traded with Rhydon, will evolve it into Rhyperior.

Where was the protector near in Pokemon diamond?

Route 228.

How do you get a protector in Pokemon emerald?

Theres no rhyperior in hoenn so theres no protector but you can get it in diamond and pearl

Is the protector on a rock in route 228 in pokemon diamond?

Yes there is.

What Pokemon love the protector in Pokemon Diamond?

That Pokemon is Rhydon. Give it to him and trade him, and he will evolve into Rhypherior.

Is protector in Pokemon FireRed?

no you only can find it in Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum whatever.

How do you elvoled hhydon Pokemon diamond?

Make it hold a protector and trade it.

On Pokemon diamond were do you find a protecter?

Route 228 is where you can find a protector.

Where can you get a Rypherior in Pokemon diamond?

Trade a Rhydon while it's holding a Protector. You can find a Protector on Route 227.

How do you evolve rhydon on Pokemon diamond?

Trade it when it is holding a Protector. In Diamond and Pearl, this is found on Route 228.