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The only way I can think of is get dragonite. Dragonite 4th floor Drenched Bluff


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Q: Where do you get a dratini in Pokemon mystery dugeon sky version?
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How do you get the secret sab in Pokemon mystery dugeon?

you must be getting it messed up with Pokemon ruby version. there is no secret slab in Pokemon mystery dungeon. at least in red or blue.

Is there a Pokemon mystery dugeon blazing squad?

Yes, in Japan.

Is Darkai the last mission in Pokemon mystery dugeon of time?


How do you join regirock in Pokemon Blue mystery dugeon?

face it twice

Can you recruit in the first dugeon of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon time?

You can, but not in the beginning of the game.

How do you get deep cervice cave on Pokemon mystery dugeon exploers of time?

About 10 or 11 floors.

In Pokemon mystery dugeon what Pokemon do you recommend for your team?

Get all u can and try to save them and then if u get a better Pokemon can select it and make it leave

How do you turn into Articuno in Pokemon mystery dugeon explorers of time?

There is a action replay code of it . You can get codes from .

When are there going to be news episodes of Pokemon mystery dugeon?

With the release of Pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky, there has been a new episode that shows a piece of the adventure right before temporal tower.

How do you unlock heatran's dungeon in Pokemon mystery dugeon explorers of darkness?

With a code. you can find it at

How can you get paklia in Pokemon mystery dugeon explores of sky?

Upon your second visit to the Spacial Rift, Palkia will be able to be friended.

What are the rings d e and f for Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

I think its for the thing where you do that thing with in the dugeon