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You can't get it as a ball without using a cheating device such as GameShark or Action Replay. Cherish balls are used for containers for event Pokemon given out in events.

they have same catch rate as normal pokeball so they're pointless. ^ hes right though, you have to hack.

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Q: Where do you get a cherish ball in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you obtain a Cherish ball in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot Obtain cherish balls by buying. You need either a cheat device or an event. Then again an event Pokemon isn't holding one. ~bellafuzz

Where in platinum do you get Cherish ball?

Any event Pokemon like Darkrai and Arceus will be in a cherish ball. Otherwise, you have to hack for it. Yeah and also cherish balls have the same catch rate as a poke ball. Basically you have to hack. event Pokemon are in cherish balls, but don't hlold them. btw, theyr'e kinda pointless. at least they look cool though. they have an awesome opening burst.

How do you get cherish ball in Pokemon soul silver?

you can only get a cherish ball from Nintendo event

Where do you get a cherish ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can only get cherish balls on event Pokemon they are not obtainable

How do you get a cherish ball in platinum?

3 ways: 1. Action replay 2. (mabye) reporter in the same town as the day-care. 3. get a Pokemon event with a Pokemon in it.

How do you get cherish ball in Pokemon dimand?

Cherish ball is only available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by hacking. Also, most 4th Generation Nintendo events are in cherish balls.

Where can you buy timer balls in platinum version?

You can buy them, at the Pokemon leuge thjey have evry kind of ball except master and cherish balls

What is the pokeball that you get in Pokemon events?

Cherish ball

How do you get the platinum ball in Pokemon?

There isn't a platinum ball.

What are all the pokeballs in Pokemon platinum?

Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra ball, master ball, safari ball, dusk ball, repeat ball, luxary ball, timer ball, quick ball, premier ball , cherish ball, net ball, heal ball, and quick ball.

Could a cherish ball catch a Zekrom from Pokemon?

all a cherish ball dose is just do the same thing that a regular Pokemon ball dose. i don't know where to get cherish balls.

What does cherish ball do?

it cherishes the Pokemon you catch=D. i think