Where do you get a Lax Incense in FireRed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Head to five island and use surf to head north then go east until you see a house from there continue east until you find a cave go in then when you see a hiker go right then down and you will find an item its lax incense.

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Q: Where do you get a Lax Incense in FireRed?
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Where can you find laxtag in Pokemon FireRed?

Lax incense is found in lost cave on five island after going in the room with the hiker go right then down grab the item this is the lax incense.

Where can you get the lax icense in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to lost cave on five island and when in there go right from the hiker and then go down there will be an item its lax incense.

Where to find a lax incense in diamond?

Lax Incense is found on route 225.

How do you catch a whynut in Pokemon FireRed?

If you breed a Wobbuffet(holding lax incense) with a respected Partner and it should make a Wynaut not Whynut.

How do you get wynaut in pokemon firered?

let the female wobbuffet hold the lax incense

What do you do at lost cave on FireRed?

All you do is find the lax incense which is a hold item which makes the foes accuracy fall a little. EDIT: You can find 5 different items there.

How do you have munchlax?

Breed Snorlax with a lax incense

What do you use lax incense for?

A lax incense is a Pokemon hold item in the popular Pokemon games for the Nintendo consoles. The incense boosts the evasiveness of the holder by 5%. A wobboffet is to be given this incense to breed with another wobboffet in order to breed a wynaut.

In Pokemon Diamond where do you get lax incense?

Lax incense is a breeding item in Pokémon Diamond. It can be found somewhere on route 225. It is needed to get Munchlax.

Where is lax incense in Pokemon platinum?

Mt. Pyre

How do you get the full incense in lost cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

That item doesn't exist in leafgreen their is a sea incense and lax incense in the cave.

What item must a wobuffet hold to breed?

a lax incense