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FLY 2 CELESTE TOWN THEN GO LEFT YOU'LL SEE A TINY POND USE YOUR SUPER ROD IT WILL BE IN THE LEVEL 30'S I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I CAUGHT 2 OF THEM TODAY...VERONICAI don't know why you want a corphish and I have diamond not pearl but here you go. #1. If you have a Pokemon GBA game (i got my corphish with Sapphire) and you have the pal park (you gotta see all the sinnoh Pokemon first) you can just transfer one. #2. Fly (or walk) to Celestic town and look around there (i don't know if theres some water in the town or around it or what) You might need a rod (don't know which one.) Hope this helps!

Jialiang123456789: There's 2 ways that you can get Corphish. First way, get it in a swarm. The other way is to get Corphish beside the little pond beside the house at your left in Celestic Town. Use a super rod.

You can also catch a crawdaunt in celestic town using a super rod on the south west pond breed it with a ditto/male water Pokemon if its a female then hatch the egg simple as.

ill be trading a level one corphish on gts if youre interested.

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Q: Where do you get a Corphish in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you catch a crawdaunt on Pokemon pearl?

You have to evolve Corphish.

When does corphish evolve into crawdaunt in Pokemon pearl?


Does corfish evolve on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes Corphish does evolve in Pokémon Pearl.

What level does corphish evolve at in Pokemon pearl?

it evolves at lv 32

What type of Pokemon is Corphish?

Corphish is a Water type pokemon.

What level does corphish evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Corphish is a water type of Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. It evolves when it gets to level 30.

Where to catch corphish in Pokemon FireRed?

corphish is a Pokemon that is native to the hoenn region

How do you get corpfish in Pokemon Pearl?

The corphish in Pokémon Pearl can be found while fishing with a super rod. This character has several moves such as the leer and bubble.

Can you get a corphish?

after obtaining the national pokedex,go to the poke assistant's to his\her sister.she will tell you a pokemon gathering somewhere in sinnoh,and maybe she could tell you where a corphish gathering is. by:poke-expert rookie pearl

What level does corphish evolve at in Pokemon black?

Corphish evolves into Crawdaunt at level 30.

What Region is Corphish from in Pokemon?


What level will corphish evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

Corphish is a water type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Battle Arena, it will evolve if you manage to raise it to a level 30.