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They are Trading Card series items. Tip: How to know whether an item is trading card or not? All character items and clothing are trading card. Plumpy glasses, Wacky jeans, Nafaria slips; all trading card. :)

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Q: Where do you get Nafaria's Purple Slippers on Webkinz?
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How do you make the glass slippers on webkinz?

Princess hat, funky girl glasses, and ruby slippers

Would someone give me webkinz wacky jeans if the items i will give are love pup couch magic mire shoes purple slippers or other retired if you don't like those?


Rare recipes for webkinz clothing machine?

Glass slippers: funky girl glasses,ruby slippers,princess hat

Is white bunny ears for orange army purple slippers and charm tiara a fair trade on webkinz?

Yes, if you believe thats what you would like others might have an other opinion about it but, that is a fair trade to me.

How do you get webkinz clothes recipes?

all you have to do is google webkinz clothing recipes and you will get some for glass slippers, togas, cowgirl outfit, all sorts of stuff.

Who on Webkinz will trade me the purple Webkinz which hat and 2 wacky jeans for the Webkinz jingle elf hat?

i wont.

What is the webkinz purple monster's code?

Well you will just have to buy the webkinz purple monster for a new, unused code. All codes are different. Visit for more info.

Is there a code for a purple floral fox in webkinz?

of course, there is a code for every webkinz available that is not retired, cartoon, or toy.

How do you get the webkinz purple monsters code?

By buying it from the eStore when it is available

How do you make the watermelon dress on webkinz?

use funky hat purple swimsuit bottom purple pajama bottom

How do you make purple slipers on Webkinz?

get them from trading cards series #4

How do you make the glass slippers in the webkinz clothing machine?

You cant unless your really lucky it just randomly makes clothes and shoes