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Near Steven's house in Mossdeep City, also found on some wild Hariyama .

If you want an additional King's rock,that is to use GameShark

The steps...
1.Go to YouTube and type this in the search box,Pokemon Emerald-ALL ITEM on sale!!! (you can just copy and paste from here.The user is smarkoh)

2.Go click on (more info) at the description and the cheat is available there.

3.Pls rate and comment.

***The cheat is for ALL(most) of the items and it only works for emerald

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Q: Where do you get King's rock in emerald?
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Where is the kings rock on emerald?

you get it from a haryama in victory road

Where to get kings rock in emerald?

in mossdeep there is a person near Stevens house(top right house).he says that steven gave him a kings rock, but he doesn't want it.he asks if you want it,say yes and you got a kings rock.happy hunting;)

Is emerald a metamorphic rock?

Emerald is a mineral, not a rock.

What is the birth name of Emerald Amber Rock?

Emerald Amber Rock's birth name is Rock, Amber Emerald.

Is ice rock in Pokemon emerald?

No - Ice Rock is not in Pokémon Emerald.

Is an emerald a chemical sedimentary rock?

An emerald is a mineral.

Which Pokemon on Pokemon emerald have to be traded to evolve?

hanter, machoke, kadabera, gravler, slowpoke@king's rock, onix@ metel plate, scyther@ metel plate, poliwirl@ kings rock/water stone, porygon@ upgrade @ = holding

Whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon diamond?

whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon dimond?

On Pokemon emerald where do you get rock climb?

you cant get rock climb there isn't one in emerald it was invented in diamond and pearl

Were do you get a KINDRA on emerald?

to get kingdra you cant evolve it from seadra by gaining lvls, instead you have to make seadra hold a kings rock and trade the seadra to another pokemon game and it will evolve into kingdra

Where can you get the kings rock in Pokemon FireRed?

you can find a kings rock on seven island in sevault canyon.

When was Emerald Amber Rock born?

Emerald Amber Rock was born on August 3, 1985, in Miami, Florida, USA.