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you dont get it you have to go to game stop and ask the cashier for one

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Q: Where do you get Celebi in Pokemon White?
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Can you keep Celebi when you get zoroa in Pokemon White?

i need a celebi on pokemon white how to get it

Where do you catch Celebi Pokemon White?

You can't catch celebi in pokemon white.

How do you find Celebi on Pokemon Black?

Celebi isn't available in Pokemon Black and White. You have to transfer it into Pokemon Black and White or trade for one.

How do you get Celebi in Pokemon White?

well you cant catch it in Pokemon white you have to get it in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver using an event IF YOU ONLY WANT CELEBI WELL YOU CAN ALSO GET ZORUA IN CASTELIA CITY WITH CELEBI SO ID DO THAT ONCE YOU GET CELEBI

How do you get Zourua in Pokemon White?

You have to get celebi then talk to a person in castelia and celebi revives him

How do you get a zorua on Pokemon White when the shiny Celebi doesn't work?

If the Shiny Celebi does not work, you cannot get a Zorua. On Pokemon White, this is the only way to get that species.

Can you use Pokemon Black and White for the Celebi event?

You can not collect a celebi on black or white. You need to transfer from the 4th generation.

How do you get zora on Pokemon white?

Celebi event from gamestop

Do you have to have a Celebi to catch a zorua in Pokemon white?


Where is the special Celebi on Pokemon Black and White?

There is no in game Celebi, you need to transfer one from another game.

How can you get Celebi in Pokemon White?

the only way to get now is get in a trade

Where can you find celbi in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot find Celebi in-game in Pokemon Black and White. You must get it from the Pokemon Black and White Tour.