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its in their status

the id number is their original owners id card number

so if u got a Pokemon in a trade their id numbers will be diffrent than the ones you get in the wild

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Q: Where do you find your Pokemon ID number?
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What Pokemon id number is 24433?

is not the pokemon's ID number, is the person who catch that pokemon's ID number

What Pokemon has the id number of 18999?

The ID number of any Pokemon is given to it by the trainer - namely, you. Your ID number is given to every Pokemon you own. So, no specific Pokemon has any specific ID number. It is the trainer that gives the Pokemon the unique ID number.

Where to find the Pokemon id number 114 in platinum?

in the solaceon ruins

Where do you find your trainer number on pokemon white?

Look at any pokemon YOU caught. Look at their ID.

What Pokemon has the ID number of 44130?

Pokemon have the same ID number as their origanal trainer.

What pokemon's ID number is 65535?

That is your trainer's ID number.

What is the ID number for Pokemon diamond ds?

The game ID is ADAE-636791c0 and you can find out more at

What Pokemon has the id of 00081?

Every Pokemon in the game could have that ID number. The ID number is not assigned to an individual Pokemon but rather to an individual trainer. Every Pokemon a trainer catches will have that same ID number. Thus, if the trainer with ID 00081 catches every Pokemon in the game, every Pokemon could have that number.

What is the Pokemon ID number of Mewtwo?

Mewtwo's Pokemon ID number is #150 in the national Pokedex.

What Pokemon is id number 38226?

there is no Pokemon with the number 38226

What is the Pokemon Platinum id number?

The Pokemon platinum id number is the number which is on your trainer card. When you are playing the game open the menu then click your name. Your id number is there.

How do you find out your number on Pokemon?

ok first click start then click on one of your Pokemon and summary. Then on the first page of your pokemons summary it will say id number. that is the number of the Pokemon

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